Reggie Stanton

Designer and Illustrator

Comments from Our Clients

"Thanks again, Reggie, for your brilliant and FAST work - you took A LOT of information and visually put it on paper in an ABSURDLY small amount of time!"

Jason Surrel Show Producer, Walt Disney Special Events Group

"You must have the most wonderful dreams at night....the inside of your mind is marvelous. I would like to live in your paintings.... BRAVO... YOU ARE THE GREATEST. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR MAGIC."

Kirby van Burch Prince of Magic, Branson, Missouri

"Just as I thought, the artwork you did for the 'Wishes' presentation is fantastic. It literally took my breath away, they are such works of art. I hope my pitch can do justice to your artwork. Thanks again! They are stunning!"

Steven B. Davison Show Producer, Walt Disney Creative Entertainment

"The Miss America artwork is absolutely spectacular and more than captures the essence of what Gary and I wanted to create.

"All those that witnessed Gary's presentation today were overwhelmed with your work and couldn't say enough good things about the magic your art conveyed.

"Thank you for capturing the magic, thank you for capturing the glamour, and thank you for helping us to present our dreams!"

Scott Powhatan Project Producer, Creative Entertainment Walt Disney World Co.

"How can I begin to thank you for your incredible contributions to our KOBE and CHRISTMAS SHOW projects.

"You are such a welcome guest to all of us. We look forward to working with you on all kinds of projects in the future.

"You are a CHAMP!!! THE BEST!!"

Robert F. Jani President, Robert Jani Productions

"Your illustrations continue to amaze all of us here at the Walt Disney Special Events Group.

"I only hope that in my life, I achieve the high level of excellence that you have continually provided to us."

Robert L. Sexton Director/Sr. Show Producer, Walt Disney Special Events Group

"Thank you Reggie for always coming through for us.

"You are indeed appreciated and your talents and skills are very much not taken for granted. You are one of a kind!

"It is always a pleasure to work with you - you're the best!"

Dennis L. Speigel President, International Theme Park Services Inc.

"I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your efforts on the Water Carnival rendering. We find it amazing that with a few research materials and two phone calls you create a spectacular piece of artwork.

"The rendering is an outstanding representation of how we wish to present the show concept."