Clients Include:

Walt Disney Company
Tokyo Disneyland
Sea World
Busch Gardens
International Theme Park Services
JackRouse Assoc.
Six Flags Corp.
Silver Dollar City
Great American Restorations

Some of the projects for which we have been commissioned to create concept
designs and/or illustrations

Walt Disney Company, Orlando Florida
  • Cirque du Soleil Epcot Production
  • Performing Arts Center and Theater at Celebration
  • Miss America Pageant sets, Atlantic City
  • Videopolis Theater at Euro Disney
  • MGM Backlot tour enhancement
  • Epcot Pavillions nighttime aerial spectacular
  • Little Mermaid Dinner Theater and show sets
  • Beauty and the Beast on Broadway original concepts
  • Beauty and the Beast sets at MGM and Euro Disney
  • Beauty and the Beast 3D show at Kodak Theatre, Magic Kingdom
  • Egyptian Theater at MGM Studios
  • Disney Village original “look”
  • Disney Village enhancement with show venues and Exposition Center
  • Nighttime 12 float electric Water Pageant
  • “Atlantis” Nighttime lagoon spectacular
  • Travel and Trade-Show sets
  • Remodeling of all buildings at Disney Village
  • Dressing New York street at MGM Studios for Macy's Christmas Experience
  • Millennium Parade and Shows at Epcot
  • Cruise Ship Inauguration Ceremonies
  • 10 New entertainment venues at Epcot with 5000 seat Auditorium
  • Exposition facility at Epcot Communicore
  • World Cup Soccer Opening, Half-time and Closing shows
  • Super Bowl Half-time show
  • Theater District Facades at Disney Downtown
  • Olympic ceremonies and Olympic Skating show at Epcot
  • Several Touring Stadium Shows
  • Animal Kingdom opening ceremonies and Stage show
Jani Productions, Los Angeles
  • Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show sets
  • Sports Expo Center
  • All areas of Theme Park, Kobe, Japan
Disney Imagineering, Los Angeles
  • Concept Design for entire Entertainment Package at Tokyo Disney Sea Theme Park. Stage Shows, Theaters, Daytime and Nighttime Lagoon Shows, Stunt Shows
  • Disneyland Fiftieth Anniversary Nighttime Spectacular
Tokyo Disneyland
  • Four “Lights of Winter” Light Festivals
  • Daytime “look” of Parade and Castle Show for Fifteenth Anniversary
  • Electric Light aerial parade
  • Stage shows at Tomorrowland Theater
  • Eighteen float Millennium Parade
Walt Disney Special Events Group
  • Millennium Spectacular in Rio de Janeiro
  • Character Stage show and daytime parade, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Inflatable parade, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • ABC Television College Bowl Expo
  • European Millennium Touring Show
  • Nighttime Spectacular for HBO Mexico City
Six Flags Corp
  • Concepts for new Theme Park through several presentation levels
  • Many Themed Ride concepts
  • Several Hotels
  • Donald Trump Pier at Atlantic City
  • Toon Town area at Astro World
  • Peanuts Character Theme Park
  • “The Gremlins” Ride sets
  • Wild West area Expansion
  • Enhancement of Entrance Plaza, Atlanta
  • “Gone With the Wind” Park
  • Gotham City area, Texas
Universal Studios, Hollywood
  • 3D “ET” show
  • 3D “Strange Encounters” show
  • 3D Halloween show
  • Blues Brothers Dinner Theater and Environs
  • Islands of Adventure Design input
International Theme Park Services, Inc., Cincinnati
  • Illustrations and design for Theme Parks in:
    • Shanghai, China
    • Taiwan
    • Fortaleza, Brazil
    • Serrazul, Brazil
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Escala, Brazil
    • Cebu, Philippines
    • Cyprus
Commercial Design Commissions
  • West Palm Beach International Airport, FL
    • Main Concourse Theming
  • Fort Myers Regional Airport, FL
    • Concourse and Concessions Mall
    • Food Court, Restaurant
    • 4 story Headquarters Building
    • 800 unit Hotel & Restaurant
  • Kissimmee Airport, FL
    • Fliteseer Airlines Terminal
    • Millionaire Lite Terminal
    • Virgin Air Terminal
  • Providencials Airport, Bahamas
    • Main Concourse and Lobby
Floating Company, San Francisco
  • Playboy Mansion and Casino, Las Vegas
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