Reggie Stanton

Designer and Illustrator

Clients Include:

  • Walt Disney Company
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Sea World
  • Busch Gardens
  • International Theme Park Services
  • JackRouse Assoc.
  • Six Flags Corp.
  • Silver Dollar City
  • Dollywood
  • Great American Restorations

Some of the projects for which we have been commissioned to create concept designs and/or illustrations:

Walt Disney Company, Orlando Florida

  • Cirque du Soleil Epcot Production
  • Performing Arts Center and Theater at Celebration
  • Miss America Pageant sets, Atlantic City
  • Videopolis Theater at Euro Disney
  • MGM Backlot tour enhancement
  • Epcot Pavillions nighttime aerial spectacular
  • Little Mermaid Dinner Theater and show sets
  • Beauty and the Beast on Broadway original concepts
  • Beauty and the Beast sets at MGM and Euro Disney
  • Beauty and the Beast 3D show at Kodak Theatre, Magic Kingdom
  • Egyptian Theater at MGM Studios
  • Disney Village original “look”
  • Disney Village enhancement with show venues and Exposition Center
  • Nighttime 12 float electric Water Pageant
  • “Atlantis” Nighttime lagoon spectacular
  • Travel and Trade-Show sets
  • Remodeling of all buildings at Disney Village
  • Dressing New York street at MGM Studios for Macy's Christmas Experience
  • Millennium Parade and Shows at Epcot
  • Cruise Ship Inauguration Ceremonies
  • 10 New entertainment venues at Epcot with 5000 seat Auditorium
  • Exposition facility at Epcot Communicore
  • World Cup Soccer Opening, Half-time and Closing shows
  • Super Bowl Half-time show
  • Theater District Facades at Disney Downtown
  • Olympic ceremonies and Olympic Skating show at Epcot
  • Several Touring Stadium Shows
  • Animal Kingdom opening ceremonies and Stage show

Jani Productions, Los Angeles

  • Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show sets
  • Sports Expo Center
  • All areas of Theme Park, Kobe, Japan

Disney Imagineering, Los Angeles

  • Concept Design for entire Entertainment Package at Tokyo Disney Sea Theme Park. Stage Shows, Theaters, Daytime and Nighttime Lagoon Shows, Stunt Shows
  • Disneyland Fiftieth Anniversary Nighttime Spectacular

Tokyo Disneyland

  • Four “Lights of Winter” Light Festivals
  • Daytime “look” of Parade and Castle Show for Fifteenth Anniversary
  • Electric Light aerial parade
  • Stage shows at Tomorrowland Theater
  • Eighteen float Millennium Parade

Walt Disney Special Events Group

  • Millennium Spectacular in Rio de Janeiro
  • Character Stage show and daytime parade, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Inflatable parade, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • ABC Television College Bowl Expo
  • European Millennium Touring Show
  • Nighttime Spectacular for HBO Mexico City

Six Flags Corp

  • Concepts for new Theme Park through several presentation levels
  • Many Themed Ride concepts
  • Several Hotels
  • Donald Trump Pier at Atlantic City
  • Toon Town area at Astro World
  • Peanuts Character Theme Park
  • “The Gremlins” Ride sets
  • Wild West area Expansion
  • Enhancement of Entrance Plaza, Atlanta
  • “Gone With the Wind” Park
  • Gotham City area, Texas

Universal Studios, Hollywood

  • 3D “ET” show
  • 3D “Strange Encounters” show
  • 3D Halloween show
  • Blues Brothers Dinner Theater and Environs
  • Islands of Adventure Design input

International Theme Park Services, Inc., Cincinnati

  • Illustrations and design for Theme Parks in:
    • Shanghai, China
    • Taiwan
    • Fortaleza, Brazil
    • Serrazul, Brazil
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Escala, Brazil
    • Cebu, Philippines
    • Cyprus

Commercial Design Commissions

  • West Palm Beach International Airport, FL
    • Main Concourse Theming
  • Fort Myers Regional Airport, FL
    • Concourse and Concessions Mall
    • Food Court, Restaurant
    • 4 story Headquarters Building
    • 800 unit Hotel & Restaurant
  • Kissimmee Airport, FL
    • Fliteseer Airlines Terminal
    • Millionaire Lite Terminal
    • Virgin Air Terminal
  • Providencials Airport, Bahamas
    • Main Concourse and Lobby

Floating Company, San Francisco

  • Playboy Mansion and Casino, Las Vegas